Patti is…

The wife of Bob Possel for 37 years

The mother to three adults, Bobby, Mandy and Maggie

A B.S. in Education holder

A professional photographer

A Cordova Leadership Council Board Member

A small business owner, member NFIB

A member of St. Francis Catholic Church

A tutor and mentor

A community volunteer

A member of Memphis Camera Club

Webmaster and Photographer for TN Federated Republican Women

District 96

The role of a state representative in Tennessee is to represent the citizens within one of the 99 TN House Districts. The precincts within District 96 in general include citizens south of Rock Creek Blvd, north of the Wolf River, east of Appling and west of Houston in Cordova, plus Germantown 5, the Neshoba area.

The primary role as a state legislator is to create and ratify state law and regulations. It is important that each legislator knows the needs of the citizens and the needs of the geographic area within their district.

Issues in District 96


There are several environmental issues facing District 96. First, is the protection of the TN Aquifer. Regulations are needed to ensure that Shelby County’s drinking water source stays pure and is not stressed by over-use and industrial contamination. Secondly, the Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with the Wolf River Conservancy monitor and are trying to control and prevent the erosion of the Wolf River channel. The destructive process of channelizing, straightening and deepening of the Wolf River in the 1960’s helped to allow for increased development and flood control, but channelizing left the river to flow faster. The speed of the water, especially during seasonal heavy rains, causes continuous head-cutting erosion of the banks and channels. Resources are needed to help offset the cost to maintain the river banks and channels. As a legislator, I will work to ensure that the TN Aquifer is regulated for the benefit of the citizens and the needed funding is secured to maintain the Wolf River.